Bamboo window blinds are fast becoming the number one choice for many home renovators in India.

Today bamboo blinds are popular due to their ability to filter light, ventilate air, environmental qualities and their appeal in the decorative stakes. It is essential for every home to have some sort of light control device, to prevent excess light from entering the home.

Light, Style & Minimal Maintenance

Bamboo blinds are an excellent option to combat excess light and enhance the interiors. They allow partial or complete blockage of light, creeping into a room. Bamboo blinds can be made from a variety of colours, weaving & style.

Bamboo blinds look stylish and require minimal maintenance. They are popular, elegant and look very traditional. Our bamboo wood blinds are machine weaved by skilled and experienced workers. They are easy to install and can be rolled up smoothly. Our bamboo blinds come in exotic patterns and are quite inexpensive.

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